Baccarat is a casino card game that has been made popular by Ian Flemming’s famous character James Bond. Traditionally Baccarat was a game that was played by the French elite but since internet casinos have grown enormously in number and popularity, Baccarat has gained much new players and online Baccarat has become increasingly popular amongst an ever growing number of players.

What is Baccarat or Punto Banco?

There are a few different variations of Baccarat, the most popular variation and the one you will find in the online casinos is also known as Punto Banco. The game can be compared with one of the most popular casino card games: Blackjack. Just like in Blackjack, players do not play against each other but against a bank, and also just like in Blackjack, players get two cards with an option to get one more card to achieve a certain number of points. There are however some differences with Blackjack. In Baccarat only two hands are dealt, the player or Punto hand and the bank or Banco hand. Players can bet which ever hand they like, so unlike Blackjack players can also place a bet on the hand of the bank. Each hand consists of two cards and the magic number is not 21, but 9. Cards are all worth their face value and tens and face cards are worth no point while the ace is worth 1 point.


Playing Baccarat

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You can play baccarat online or in many regular casinos around the world. Both hands that are dealt have two cards and players may opt to get one more card, but never more than one card. When the total number of point from the cards exceeds 10, the last digit counts, so when a player has 14 for example, only the last digit counts, so he has 4 points. Unlike Blackjack you cannot get bust in Baccarat. Players can bet the Banco and the Punto hand, with the Banco hand paying out a little less when that hand wins than the Punto hand. Because players can bet both hands in Baccarat, the profits of the casinos are very low when compared to other casino games. The casino edge in baccarat is around 1.5%, while in Roulette for example this exceeds 5%. This not only means that the casino will take less of your possible profits, but also that you as a player have more chances to make a nice profit when playing Baccarat. It may be wise to first try Baccarat online for free at one of the many online casinos that offer the game when you are not yet familiar with Baccarat.