As the name suggests Caribbean Stud Poker is a form of poker. There is however a big difference with other form of poker like Texas Hold’em, Omaha, or Stud for example. Traditional poker games are played against other players at the table, the casino only takes a small rake from each pot, but the rest of the money is won from or lost to the other players at the table. Caribbean Stud is more a casino table game like Blackjack than it is a poker game. You play Caribbean Stud against the casino or dealer and not against other players at the table.

Origins of Caribbean Stud Poker

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With poker becoming more and more popular during the eighties, even before the movie Rounders and Chris Moneymaker winning the WSOP Main Event caused for a real poker boom, a growing number of players in North and South America were searching for casinos that offered the poker game. The problem for the live casinos was that the rake they took from regular poker games gave them a lot less profit then the traditional casino games like Roulette, Blackjack, or Slots. To meet the public’s demand for a poker game and still ensure some profit for the casino, Caribbean Stud was invented. Who invented the game is up for discussion, but fact is that the game was first played in Aruban casinos in the late eighties, and it soon also became popular in the American casinos. Nowadays most casinos in the world, be it regular or online, offer the game to their visitors.

Caribbean Studpoker

Caribbean Stud Poker Online

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Most casino sites offer Caribbean Stud as one of the many casino games in their range. The advantage of online play is that you do not have to leave your home and are not bound to the opening hours of regular casinos. In most casinos you can also try Caribbean Stud for free, so you can get to know the game before putting your own money on the line. The biggest advantage of playing at an online casino is that you can make use of the extensive bonus offers that most casinos have. In most cases you will get a bonus on top of your first deposit. These welcome bonuses may offer you 50%, 100%, or even more on top of your initial deposit. That way you will get more money to play with and thus a bigger chance to make a nice profit or even win big prizes playing Caribbean Stud Poker. Regular players also get rewarded for their efforts in most cases; most casinos have some sort of promotion that provides regular players with extra funds in their account, giving them even more chance to win some money playing Caribbean Stud.